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Wood Finishes

Wood finishing for your doors and windows can make your space beautiful but adding wood to window and door panes is impractical and expensive. Lamination can be an efficient solution that creates the same effect as wood finishing. Go ahead, make your doors and windows look neat, beautiful while easy-to-maintain.

Elegance. Eloquence

Key Features

  • Suitable for all kinds of doors and windows.
  • Maintains the classic look while employing the latest technology.
  • Available in brown base profiles instead of white base profiles for both sides.
  • Lamination film on uPVC profiles renders the appearance of mahogany and/or oak.
  • Difficulty in maintaining pristine white laminates is countered by grey or cream colour options.
  • Available in various shades, which are Mahogany, Rustic Oak, Golden Oak.
  • One solution that comes with a combination of advantages, which include – aesthetic appeal of wood, durability, acoustic and thermal insulation, hassle-free to maintain and comes with weather-dust proofing characteristics of uPVC doors and windows.

Wood Finish Types

Exquisite finish quality that i as good as real wood.

Spectral Series

Premium, ultra-matte finish, Exceptionally velvety and unforgettable
Rustic Oak
Golden Oak