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Types Of Laminated Window

Functionally, aesthetically, different homes and even corners of your home have different needs when it comes ti windows or doors. Every homes,and every part of your home deserve the best it can get. Which is why, VEKA diamond offers a solution for every requirement- Sliding, Casement, Lift and Silde

Sliding Window

Sliding windows are a great choice for Indian conditions. They offer the possibility of multiple tracks, so you can ass a fly mesh to the window along with multiple panels. Besides, they can hold large glasses, helping you get unobstructed view of the world on the other side.

2 Track Sliding

3 Track Sliding

2.5 Track for Fly Mesh

Casement Window

Casement windows open outward or inward, and close tightly. They are capable if holding glasses of a range of thickness, to give you all the flexibility you need.

Bay Windows

Top Fix Windows

Bottom Fix Windows

Sliding Folding Window

Tilt & Turn Window

Lift and Slide Windows

Lift and Slide is the gold standard for windows. They combine the benefits of sliding and casement windows, and suprose you with more. These windows offer excellent insulation, can hold large glasses, and glide extreamely smoothly.

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