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uPVC Windows

Our windows are especially made to suit the Indian climate. The profiles are made to adopt to various Indian climates like extreme heat & cold, heavy rainfall. The uPVC windows can be broadly categorized in 2 types.

  • Sliding Windows
  • Casement Windows

Sliding Windows

We have system for those Customers / user who have a Constraint for spaces.
uPVC Sliding windows system can be Two TrackThree Track or Multi Track shutters with the provision of Dust & moisture proof wire mesh shutter with modern locking, technically design, strong durable, no chocking of shutters, Alright, Sound proof and suitable to all weather condition.

Combination Sliding Windows

Combination with Top Hung, side openable shutter, Top fixed, top Hung with 2 shutter glass sliding



Construction of Sliding Windows

  • Reinforcement : Fully reinforcement with G.I. Channels.
  • Wool pile : Wool pile is provided at both side of shutter for air tightness and sound proofing.
  • Interlock : Perfect interlocking is provided.
  • Bearing : Standard makes bearing provided.
  • Aluminium Capping : Tracks are capped with aluminium capping.
  • Shutter Stopper : High end stoppers for shutter are provided.
  • Locking System : Single / Multiple locking system is provided.
  • Water Drainage : Water drainage holes and capping is provided.
  • Removal of Shutter : Shutter easily, Comparison with Conventional Material.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a side-hinged sash that open to the exterior of your home. Casement are widely popular for many reasons. Their design easily adopt to ant style of home, providing operation and performance features that can’t be matched by other operating windows. One great advantage of casement over all other operating windows is their ability to maximize and control the breeze and direct it into any area of your homes. This is achieved by their unique 90 degree opening ability, which partly centers the sash, capturing the breeze from any direction. These uPVC windows, have various designs & can be made as per your imagination.



Comparision with Conventional Material
Characterstics Cost Safety Installation Corrosion Durability Aesthetics Thermal Conductivity Chemical Resistance Surface Finish
Wood Expensive Good Fair Good Good Good Nill Rots Good
Aluminium Expensive Fair Fair Fair Fair Good High Corrods Good
Steel Cheap Good Poor Poor Poor Fair High Corrods Poor
uPVC On Per with Wood Aluminium Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Nill No Effect Excellent

Why uPVC Windows?

Are uPVC products are fire retardant?

Yes, uPVC products are fire retardant. This is because they contain more than 70% unplasticised uPVC which turns 57% chlorine. This contribute efficiently to the flame retardant. Further it has very high ignition temperature 4000 degree c against 21000 degree c of wood has an index of 50% against 21% for wood.

uPVC products are scratch proof?

They are resistant most scratches even if the scratches arise it can be removed easily by buffing.

What is life span of uPVC products?

The lifespan is infinite when used under normal condition.

Are they cheaper than wood and aluminium?

At per to good quality of wood & aluminium.

Is installation of these product be used in corrosive atmosphere?

Yes, the products are intert to most harsh chemical and especially in areas where in sanitation standards in corrosive atmosphere.

Are they maintenance free?

Yes, throughout their useful life.

We have a very strong professional team which is well experienced in design, manufacturing & installation of uPVC windows & door.

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