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Our uPVC windows & doors are crafted and designed to ensure best-in-class sound insulation.

Two important components – the window frame and the glass – each designed uniquely for purposes of cancelling out unwanted noise.

Living in a noisy environment adds stress and strain that negatively impacts our life.The constant distraction of noise can interfere with your sleep, work, studies & your overall health

Mostly noises are from outside neighbour’s, sound of traffic, Trains, big industries, loudspeakers placed on road during festivals these things disturbs our lives regularly & restrain the peace which we wanton daily basis.The 90% of turbulence comes through the Windows and doors

Feeling of anxiety and tension occurs when the turbulence level goes at 65 decibels or more. Constant exposure to sound/noise which are above 65 decibels can be very harmful forkids, heart patients and old age people, so it is very necessary to have soundproof Windows.

Imagine the calm and relaxation you could feel in a low noise environment. Yes, it is possible with the help of our uPVCc soundproof Windows .uPVC soundproof Windows can reduce noise over 80-90%.

The designs of our uPVC Windows are multi-chambered profile with tight seal TPV gaskets that are the best windows in noise separation. An average of sound separation is 22-25 dB in single glazing & 40dB in laminated glazing.

To make a room noise- proof, we need to bring outside unwanted sound level ( i.e. noise) under 50 dB. Our uPVC windows provide maximum sound reduction due to following special features:-


Multi chambered design profile with coextruded TPV gasket provides high quality sound reduction.

Fusion wielded

Our uPVC windows are fusion welded joints to improve overall sealing.

Multi-point locking system

The multiple point locking systemsensure casement windows and doors are tightly shut to cut out outside noise

Silicone sealant

All gaps between the window/door unit and the wall are filled with a special silicone sealant

Laminated glass

Laminated or Double glazed laminated glass can reduce unwanted noise levels by manifolds.

For our ear, difference of sound

  • 1 dB is virtually inaudible.
  • 3 dB is barely audible.
  • 5 dB is clearly audible.
  • 10 dB is equivalent to a 50% reduction in the perception of the sound intensity.
  • 20 dB is equivalent to a 75% reduction in the perception of the the sound intensity.

This difference of 20 dB or, 75% reduction is generally possible. I can say that it is better results of using noise proof windows.

Yes, dust proof windows & doors are reality and we make some of the best dust free windows & doors using superior design and high quality uPVC profile, gaskets, sealants and wool pile.

Ask any homemaker the irritation they face every day due to continues dust accumulation even after regular home cleaning. It always comes back even after cleaning the room twice a day. Most of the dust problems involve external windows and doors.

On an average a person spend 85% of his or her life indoor, be it home or office. The indoor air pollution threat is very high. “In countries like ours, the level of indoor air pollution is on the higher side both in rural and urban areas because of overpopulation, bad ventilation, and defective design of dwellings and ever present dust in our surroundings.

The biggest factor which allows dust to enter your house is the following: –

  1. Gap between the wall and the outer frame, which should be filled with the help of silicone or PU foam.
  2. Gap between the outer frame and the sash which should be covered with wool pile in case of slider windows and doors or overlapped by gaskets in case of a casement windows & doors.
  3. Gap between the Sash and the glass which should be overlapped by gaskets which stops not only dust but also the sound.
  4. Many time it has been observed in old wood windows and aluminum windows the joints opens up which allows dust to enter inside your home.

If the above mentioned factors are taken care off at the time of fabrication & installation of windows & doors, major percentage of dust will stop entering into your homes.

How our uPVC windows & doors keep dust out of home.

  • Our uPVC Window Systems are an Over lapping Window & Door System which means that there is an Overlap of the Outer Frame and the Open able / Movable Sash. The overlapping systems Ensures that there are no gap between the Open able / Movable Sash & the Frame hence ensuring the air tightness of the doors & windows which ensure no dust comes inside from outside.
  • Our uPVC profiles are co-extruded with high quality TPV gaskets in Sash & the Glass Beadings all around the windows which ensure that there is no gap between the glass and the Frame / Sash which again ensures that the windows are Air tight and does not allow any Dust to enter from outside to the inside.
  • Weather Strips of High quality are used in our uPVC windows to ensure that all sliding windows are air tight and do not allow any dust to enter from outside.
  • We use international standard Multi Point Locking Systems to ensure the windows / doors are sealed properly when locked. The multi-Point Locking Systems locks the doors / windows in 4 -5 places when the handle is locked ensuring that the doors/ windows are locked from top to bottom and ensuring a tight and uniform locking of the windows ensuring no Dust comes from outside to inside.
  • All our windows & door frame and sash are fusion wielded which ensures perfect joint elimination any scope for dust particles to enter your home.

As we are witnessing climate change/global warming, each of us has a responsibility to try to “go green” to save the planet.

While many may go for the conventional windows and doors, an environment-conscious person would go for the environment friendly/ eco-friendly/ green windows

Did you know that in India, 75% of trees that are cut are used to make doors, windows, and furniture? This practice is highly unsustainable, which can be curtailed by the use of alternate materials like uPVC. Our uPVC doors and windows are lead (Pb) free and are approved for ‘green building’ concept. Our uPVC profiles are specially engineered for the Indian tropical climate.

The other reason uPVC windows and doors are called environment friendly/ eco-friendly/ green windows is the fact that they are actually energy efficient. It saves electricity consumption due to its efficient thermal insulation feature. This feature reduces the stress on your heating and cooling devices and also cuts down on energy bills. Due to superior insulation, uPVC windows and doors offer exceptional thermal comfort by maintaining an optimal interior temperature throughout the year.

uPVC material is 100% recyclable and can be converted into other products towards the end of their lifespan. Also, the waste scraps emerging from uPVC production are reprocessed and repurposed into other items. All of these benefits of uPVC make it a highly eco-friendly material that can surely add a lot to green building fenestration.

Our uPVC windows and doors offer unprecedented safety & security. Fitted with multi-point locking hardware, it is extremely difficult to break in through a locked window/door. uPVC profiles are difficult to ignite and self-extinguishing in case of a fire.

All our windows & doors are inserted with Galvanized Iron (GI) in all peripheries, making it the most robust system. The glasses used in windows range from single glaze toughened glass to Double glass and laminated glass which is considered as safety glasses.

Our ultimate safety window is the casement windows with grill and mesh that are the perfect uPVC casement window solution. While the window sash opens outwards, the inward opening sashes with the insect screen. This is best suited for row houses, villas, bungalows, ground floor apartments and such.

The low conductivity and double glazing of the uPVC windows in India are proven to reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit during summers and heaters during winters. Throughout their lifecycle, they can also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by up to 60% when compared to other traditional materials.

uPVC is the material most widely used for windows across Europe and the US where the focus on energy efficient buildings began around 30 years ago.

No matter in which climate our windows and doors are installed – they contribute to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in homes. In a contemporary air-conditioned home, windows with a low thermal conductive material can reduce the loss of energy, according to the studies 37% of interior energy loss is through the window.

Upon intelligently pairing the glass panes with uPVC doors and windows, you can reduce your annual energy bills by up to 40%. The higher the number of glazing layers, the better is the energy-efficiency

They block heat and UV-rays to allow an ample amount of filtered natural light into the room. This further helps save money on utility bills by eliminating the need for artificial lighting during daytime. Moreover, natural light is scientifically proven to boost the mood of employees and enhance productivity levels in office spaces

Our uPVC Windows & Doors are extremely cost-effective as unlike aluminium, timber and wooden frames which tend to rot and flake easily. It is a strong, tough and resilient material.

It mandates less maintenance owing to its pristine appearance and negates the need for periodical repairs.UPVC windows have UV resistant blend and do not fade under sustained exposure to the sun. They doesn`t rot, neither Corrode nor Rust as is the case with other windows materials.

They look as good as new for decades as they are efficiently designed to retain their shape, size, colours, and shine, are completely termite-proof and immune to saline water and moisture

These attributes ensure that they look great even after years of use, and that too with minimal maintenance.

In India, dust & pollution are the biggest concerns and everyone wants to avoid the accumulation of dust particles in their homes. Our UPVC windows & doors are dust repellent and do not allow the accumulation of dust on them due to which they can be cleaned with just an easy wipe. Therefore we provide you with a low maintenance product so that you can experience a clean and healthy environment.

To keep your windows in tip top condition we recommend cleaning the glass and window profiles periodically. A damp cloth is ideal for wiping down the frame. For more stubborn dirt use a soft bristle brush and detergent to scrub away marks and insect deposits. Standard glass cleaner and a clean cloth also keep the glass clear and streak-free.

uPVC windows are constructed with the highest precision to keep out water during the rain, storms and even cyclones and have been used many times in marine applications, where their quality is heavily tested.

They are far more waterproof than other types of windows as they don’t absorb moisture. Double glazed windows and doors will not leak (a common complaint of many owners of aluminium sliding windows) nor will they be damaged by water and rot (a potential problem with wooden windows)

The profile system we use also offers long lasting, high Even the heaviest exposure to Monsoons or floods will leave our uPVC frames unaffected. The ingenious built-in drainage system ensures that any potential water ingress is efficiently eliminated.

We use highest quality gaskets, which won’t stretch or suffer from colour migrations, which enable the windows to withstand extreme wind and rain conditions. The system is also capable of accepting a variety of glazing options and insulated panel which enable thermal and acoustic performance criteria to be met, tailored to customer specification.

One of the main features of our window and door systems is their resistance to driving rain & their joint tightness.

Our uPVC Window & door systems are capable of protecting from a high UV index, the entire process from raw material selection to advanced extruding to further processing is formulated to attain highest quality profiles capable to resist UV radiations, which are generally high in Indian subcontinent.

Ultra violet radiation can damage the frames painted windows may have cracks in the paint, or leave patches of discolouration. Our uPVC windows & door frames contain Polyurethane, these windows do not fade & crack when exposed to sunlight. You do not need to polish or paint them to have the protection from UV light.

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